Custom Picks!

// January 24th, 2014 // Gear

I experimented with making my own custom printed guitar picks this week! I had looked into getting custom ones made, but Dunlop pad printed picks are super pricey, D’Addario ink jet printed picks are $69 per 100, and I wanted multiple thicknesses and wasn’t sure I would stick to the one design…

I found a site that does custom rubber stamps from any B&W design you upload. A 1×1 inch stamp was $12 with shipping. A StazOn ink pad was $7 – it’s solvent based ink like a Sharpie. 100 of my favorite Planet Waves 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm picks were $20 each.

So $59 for 200 custom printed picks, and I don’t have to print them all at once- if I want to change the design, I just order another stamp for $12 and I can do multiple designs! As a bonus: I can stamp my logo onto anything else- cards, flyers, stickers, the bathroom wall…


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