Go Be Something

Go Be Something

My cup runneth over
but there’s blood on my hands
I heard that you’d move on now
was it too much to take a stand

I see you stand in the corner
got your hands on your hips
in your eyes I see poison
as the words fall from your lips

You said
go be something
something better
better than this
just go

I said
you know I love you
love you better
better than you’ll
ever know

Cold night in the foothills
you can see your breath on the air
bottles and pills, and the scent of clover
infused in your hair


I know your head is spinning
this angel’s a demon in disguise
He’s pulling at all your heartstrings
but don’t you listen to his lies

Throw away all those letters
flowing over with desire
Pages of addled fable
from a maddened prince of lies

He may whisper sweetly
He may make you smile
He will leave you wanting

Remember now what I tell you
He just smiles and plays the part
but he will spoil if you let him
under your skin and into your heart

He may hold you softly
take you in his arms
He will leave you wanting

Don’t tell me how you love him
and how I don’t understand
oh fear it, fear it dear sister
heartbreak in the palm of his hand

I see you falling slowly
from the willow by the stream
With no one to catch you falling
not to be: not what it seems


Baby come back won’t you . turn around
just spin those heels come back with me downtown
Girl you know you’re my heart and my soul
but without you I’m a fuckin’ wreck with nowhere left to go

I saw you walking down on second avenue
but I got caught, just a step too far behind you
I slipped up and tripped up lost the ground beneath my feet
don’t leave me here, crying in the street

Anybody seen her up on Second Avenue
come back girl, you know our love is true
with a gleam in her eye and those black stiletto heels
just slow it down girl you know our love is real

Since you left, my heart’s been turned to black
I’ll linger here, at the thirteenth step knocking ’em back
I miss you baby, and what could have been
I’ll be here, when you change your mind and come back again